Tuesday 16 January 2018

The Island - Victoria Hislop

This is nothing like my typical kind of read, but was recommended by a friend, and I’m so glad they did. Absolutely loved this book. This is the kind of book, that any one will love. I’d stake a massive claim on that.
The atmosphere in the book is truly beautiful. The story is amazing, the fact that it surrounds true to life events makes the story totally believable. I absolutely loved the characters. Hislop has a fantastic nack of developing strong and believable characters, that you either love or loathe. I found myself needing to carry in just to find out what happened. It made me happy, it made me cry, it was just an emotional rollercoaster of a book.
A truly beautiful read, that reaches the heart and forces you to make emotional ties, in th most lovely of ways. Definitely a book I would read again.
This is definitely one of the  best books I’ve ever read, and will be a long time until I find a book quite like this one. The kind of book, once you’ve read you need everyone else to read it, just so you can discuss how amazing it was.
Loved it. Period.

Friday 10 November 2017

Why Did You Lie by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

"Why Did you Lie?"
A question that's been following me around for the past week. Why, and more to the point who? I've been on quite the journey with my latest book, and have enjoyed every second of it.
So why should you read it? Would it work if I simply said, "because you must!"? Probably not, but really, you must, and I'll try to convince you why!
If you've ever read a Sigurdardottir before, you'll know exactly why it should be on your TBR. But if not, I'm sure you'll love it. 
It's amazing for so many reasons.
Character development is fantastic, I really got to know the main characters, I got to feel for them, and needed to know how things turned out for them. I found myself not being able to stop reading, so many times, I just had to carry on, for the ever illusive, one more chapter. And even then, one more was never enough. Sigurdardottir has a wonderful knack of making you NEED to carry on, and that is just one knack she has.
Along with not being able to put the book down, I also found I couldn't stop thinking about it, because it freaked me out so much! And I'll tell you why that is a knack.
Movie directors and producers go to great lengths to add suspense to scenes in their movies, and there are only a select few that manage it perfectly. Its common knowledge that to add suspense to a scene you have to adjust the lighting, add eerie music, or make it silent, they pull out all the stops, add all the bells and whistles; many things to make the viewers scared, to make them say 'that was so freaky!' Now let me tell you about this book. An author has no music, no lighting to tamper with, can add no bells and whistles, they have simply a page, the written word, and a reader. I've read loads of books, and I can tell you, there are very few authors that can achieve an air of suspense and eeriness, because its such a difficult thing to do. Yet, Sigurdardottir does it to perfection. There is nothing overly fancy, no frills, no over-exaggerations, just her words, but she terrified me. I was so scared! I have never been this scared! So many times, I found myself thinking that if the electric should suddenly shut off, and the lights went out, I would be at very high risk of being rushed to the emergency room! The knack to scare a reader, to add that level of suspense with just your words is a knack that very few, and definitely not enough authors have.
Some books also are so complex, that the outcome becomes so unbelievable. Yet Sigurdardottir achieved what I can only describe as a complex simplicity. The stories of each character, was somehow interwoven, each one being so different, and yet, was so beautifully simple. Such beautiful writing should always be commended, and comes with very high recommendations from me. 
I genuinely hope you have the chance to read this book, it would be a travesty to miss this off any TBR list.
It was a book, a story, on a par with any Agatha Christie novel. I had no idea who I was supposed to suspect, and was so wonderfully shocked when I dscovered who it was. The outcome of the book was fantastic.
From a human standpoint, I truly understood the pursuit of justice, and yet it was such a warped sense of justice, but really got it. Any author who makes you feel that way for the perpetrator of a crime, is a truly magnificent author, and not one that should be ignored! Do not ignore Yrsa Sigurdardottir!
And, despite being a fantastic author, I believe she is also a lovely lady, for she took the time to wish me well via instagram on my book blog account. And for that I thank her.
I also thank her for a truly beautiful masterpiece.
Yrsa, Thank you!
I look forward to reading you again soon. 
It's been beautiful!

I'll keep you posted.

Friday 30 June 2017

Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin

Well.. Since we last met, whats happened? I've picked up, and read this little masterpiece! And masterpiece is the only word for this, it was utterly amazing. Before I even begin, I want to say Big, BIG praise to Julia Heaberlin.

What jumped out to me with this book, besides the fantastic cover, was the review by the Observer, which reads as follows;
"A Thriller to remember 
why you love thrillers."

So, you'll understand just why I wanted this to be good. And yet, I was very dubious of this massive line. I don't know about you, but I find it very rare that a book lives up to such big reviews, even rarer if said review is so hyped up. 
I have to say, with this in mind, it did not live up to this review. Whoever wrote this was somewhat mistaken.
It did not remind me why I love thrillers. It made me remember just why I love reading, Period.

I cannot remember when exactly I read a book quite like this. You remember how much I loved "Find Me"? Well, much as I did, and do, this is above and beyond everything I have EVER READ.
It's a book like no other. 

Thrillers are wildly overrated, you know the kind; twisty, turny, shocking discoveries.
This was just a truly, masterfully written novel, that will stay with me for a very long time! While it would be wrong of me to say there were no twists and turns, there were a few, the book didn't need them to be amazing. There were very few twists, but I think had Heaberlin written in  more, it wouldn't have been half as good. She stuck to the story she wanted to tell you, she made you believe every part of the story, feel the characters, fall in love with them, be utterly creeped and freaked out by them, and love a book so, so much!

The novel began slow, I was worried at one point that I wouldn't get into it. If you read this book, I beg you, please bear with it. You will not be disappointed. I promise you! I'm not sure I've read many books that filled me with such raw emotion. I find Heaberlin's style to be very similar to that of Du Maurier, and who doesn't love 'Rebecca' and 'My Cousin Rachel'? I've never been so freaked out late at night, yet unable to stop reading. In fact, true story, I was so freaked out at one bit in the book, and it just so happened that our electric outed for a few seconds, I'm sure I was reduced to a terrified, hyperventilating mess!
But, it was so fantastic. I love this book so much.
One thing that I really found amazing, was that (slight spoiler) the end of this book, actually ties up all the ends with the characters. I hate it when you get to the end of a book, and you're left wondering what happened to half the cast. Not so with this book.

I will, sadly, and annoyingly hold up my hands and say, I broke my one rule when it comes to reading. I flipped forward..
I try so hard not to, and mostly manage not to, but couldn't help myself with this book. I was punished for it though, for in doing so, I figured out the book! I have never been so annoyed with myself. 
However, saying that, you'd think I wouldn't be shocked wouldn't you? Once again, not so! Although I knew who it was, I was still left breathless!

The last 40ish pages, Heaberlin seriously went "Foot, to Pedal, to Floor!" It did not stop, I'm sure had I been in an F1 car, I wouldn't have felt half the adrenaline I did with this book. I was, instead of concertrating on my day, figuring out when I could next snatch a few minutes to read my book. And every time I did get the time, I made sure I was reading. And now I've finished it? I'm utterly shattered!

There's one other thing.
When you've finished a great book, you know that feeling, the one that goes 'Oh. its done, now what??' I didn't get that with this book. Weird? Not at all. I loved this book, so much so, I could safely say, should I never read another book, I have the satisfaction of knowing my last book, was one of the greatest.

Thank you, Julia Heaberlin, for reminding me, just why I love reading.



Saturday 24 June 2017

Missing You by Harlan Coben- Final Review

If I thought it was ok to simply say "hands down, absolutely amazing", and leave it at that, I would. 
However, not only is that not fair on you guys, I also have so much to say about this book. As always, I loved it, (thanks Harlan)..! I kind of feel like, in a world full of uncertain books, books that are raved about, books that are meant to be the next best thing, and aren't, Harlan Coben is the one person you can rely on to always, ALWAYS make your remember why you love reading. And he didn't fail with "missing you".
There was something different about this book. I'm usually not one for books with any smooshy, lovey dovey scenes, and yet Harlan made it feel right in this story. I think, had it not been there, it wouldn't have been complete. That's not to say that it needed any help with the plot line. I've never yet read a Coben and thought, 'well that wasn't great'. And I can guarantee, when I'm done, I'll be raving about it to my friends, and making them read it. 
Every single one of his books has a way about it, his style of writing just makes you keep reading, begging for more. You can't wait for the last page, but know you'll be sad when you've finished. This was no different.
Loved Kat Donovan, our heroine. She was portrayed extremely well, simply as a woman trying to make it in a mans world, refusing to back down and be beaten, yet trying to struggle with her desire to be loved. 
The scene settings, the character make up, the twisty turny plot, everything about this book is amazing. I have to say, I really love the title too. I was sad when I got to the end and everything was revealed to me, the whole whodunnit revelation was extremely shocking, but I love a boo that I can't guess the end to. 
I loved the criminal gang, they were so evil and creepy, and kind of scared me a little bit! But it all makes for a fantastic read. It amazes me that Coben can write two seemingly separate stories in the same book, and have the 2 plots combine into one, in the most simple of ways. I will never stop being fascinated by this man. 
You know how most writers have a good run of say, four, five books before they start to lose their flare? Or before their plot lines begin to merge together? Any avid reader will know what I mean. I can say firmly, I've never yet read a Coben and thought 'that was similar to....'. Will I ever? Who knows. For now I'm happy to say, when asked "who is your favourite author?", it will always be Harlan Coben.
Thanks for another good one!

I'll keep you posted.


Monday 5 June 2017

Find Me - Final Review

Well, I'm not even sure how to start this review. I suppose a good start would be, this was absolutely amazing! I know we say that about so many different books, ones that we connect with, but I genuinely loved this. I'd seen it advertised everywhere, loads of people were raving about it, and now, I know why!
I'm not sure I've ever read a book with a plot so slick, so thick with twists and turns, and so amazingly well written. I know I always bang on about good strong characters, and powerful plot lines, but this book was the whole package, the real deal.
There are a couple of topics raised in the book that some might find uncomfortable, and must admit, I didn't like these sections, but on a whole, it was fantastic.
I fell head over heels in love with Jar, he was so passionate for what he believed, and was determined to find the woman he loved. What woman doesn't want a man like him?! And Rosa, although throughout most of the book she is only spoken of in the past tense, I was allowed opportunity to get to know her and really liked and bonded with her.
Monroe delivered a masterpiece within the pages of "Find Me", and if you read it, you'll know what I mean when I say, the characters were so beautifully well written, it was as if he knew the people himself. 
The book was made complete with a deliciously fantastic villain, truly evil to the core. What thriller is complete without one?
I will say, it takes some time to get going, so please bear with it, and I promise you you'll not be disappointed! Once I was into the main story, I could not stop, I was having to force myself to stop to eat and sleep! The twists in this book are absolutely wonderful, ones I defy anyone to see coming. It's so different to anything I think is currently on the market, yet so current and up to date. 
This book should be on EVERY crime/thriller lovers reading list. If it isn't already, please put it on! I want everyone to read this book, it's just so amazing. 
I'm willing to stake everything on this and say... you ready?
Better than "THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN".
This is a easily making it's way up to the top of my top 10 books, and I'm kind of thinking, it'll be a while until anything else knocks it from the top. I'm struggling to find words to describe this book without repeating myself constantly. However I think the description "mind blowing" is more than apt.
At the end of the book, I could do nothing but be in utter awe of Monroe, I was hooked as I was taken in an effortless journey of none stop thrills.
I cannot wait for his next book. 

Until then,

I'll keep you posted

Saturday 27 May 2017

New book - Find Me by J.S Monroe

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to finally be reading this book. I've herd so much good press and praise for it, and I couldn't wait to get into it! The blurb really impressed me, but sometimes I find, maybe you do too, that a detailed blurb results in a poorly written book? Not so with this.
The story is set 5 years after our main character, Rosa,  has committed suicide, jumping from Cromer pier. Her heartbroken boyfriend, Jar, refuses to believe she is dead, especially when he is sure he has seen her in numerous places. Her death was tragic, but by no means unexpected. Everyone doubts Jar's sightings, claiming they are just down to his grief. But then he gets an email 
"Find me, Jar. Before they do."
 Is Rosa really dead, or is someone playing games with the ones she left behind?

I have to say, so far I'm loving it. 
I know I always go on about strong characters,  but in this book, I feel a strong sense of character is essential. And they're all great! Kinda love the main guy, Jar, too...
Anyway, lets get to what's important, the book!
Has anyone else read this book yet? I'm feeling like it's going to be one of those that when you've read it, you want to tell everyone, but really need them to read it, so have to keep your mouth shut! 
I wasn't expecting the plot line to go where it did, so I was really surprised by the twist, which comes about a quarter of the way through.  It I actually think that it makes for a fantastic read, being written in the way it is.
So far, I can see why everyone raved about this so much, it's fantastic!
I'm really intrigued about the surrounding story between the two main characters, and can't wait to see what happens in the story, past and present, surrounding them both.
I'm currently about halfway though, and I have to say, if it continues to be as good as it is now, it will be pretty good! Do I have authority to say it's looking to be ones of this years best thrillers?
Wether or not I do, I just did!

I'll keep you posted.


Monday 10 April 2017

Night Blind - Final Review

Well, I finished this book last night, and it's taken me all day to process what to even begin writing about the book. It was all just very strange. 
There seemed to be too many stories involved in this one book. I presume this is because there are 2 books in between Snow and Nigt Blind, but after reading this, I can't say I'm dying to read the other two. It grates me to say it, because as you know, I loved Snow Blind, and I so wanted to love this one too. All the reviews said I would!
I adored Ari Thor in the first book, and have to say, in this book, couldn't stand him. I'll not say too much, don't want this to become a spoiler! The story really didn't seem to flow at all, and I constantly felt like the story needed to get going. I was waiting the whole time for it to get to speed, and it never felt that it did.
I hated the constant petty mind games between Ari and Kristen, and the thought of two more books of this behaviour makes me mad! 
As I said on the instagram feed, I love the setting J√≥nasson makes, I feel like I'm there, but I'm not sure it's even a saving grace for the book. I hate having to say all this, book it's an honest review, and sometimes, to review honestly you have to say what you wish you didn't. As all avid book lovers will know, hating a book is sad, it's annoying, it's almost as heart wrenching as reading the hidden child! 
Have any of you read this book? I'd love to hear what anyone else thought of this book. Is it just m that didn't like this book?
For now, I'm reading a small read, just to tide me over until my holiday *screeches excitedly*. And I have so many amazing books to read while I'm away!!
However, I think I may have to just resort to instagram for book updates, I think I'm reduced to data!! But believe me, as soon as I'm back, I'll let you all know fully what I thought of every book I've read!!
Until then,
I'll keep you posted!